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CODE: AA-F0008 Fleming’s Left Hand Rule is also...

PH-D0005 An excellent apparatus for determining...



Some Topics are:

1) Electrostatics (coulomb's law)
2) Ohm's law
3) Kirchoff's law
4) Electrochemistry
5) Magnetic dipole moment
6) Effects of force in magnetic field
7) Biot-Savart's law
8) Induction in conductor loop
9) Eddy currents
10) Transformer
11) Measuring the earth magnetic field
12) Electrical Machines
13) Three-phase machines
14) Circuit with Capacitor
15) Impedances
16) Wheatstone bridge
17) Microwaves
18) Tube diode
19) Maltese-cross tube
20) Thomson Tube

Feel free to download full list experiment attached