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Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Some Topics are:

1) Oil-spot experiment
2) Millikan experiment
3) Specific electron charge
4) Planck's constant
5) Dual nature of wave & particle
6) Balmer series of hydrogen
7) Inelastic collision of electrons
8) Franck hertz experiment
9) Normal Zeeman effect
10) Detection of X-Rays
11) Attenuation of X-Rays
12) Physics of atomic shell
13) X-Ray energy spectroscopy
14) Structure of X-Ray spectrums
15) Compton Effect at X-Rays
16) X-Ray Tomography
17) Radioactivity
18) Nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR)
19) Rutherford Scattering
20) Quantum Physics

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