A very durable tubular spring balance use for weighing and measuring tension. Built with a strong plastic body frame, suspension ring, hook and zero adjuster. This series of six color-coded spring scales can be used for both force and mass measurements. Each scale is calibrated in both Newtons and grams. The top is flat  on one side so that the scale can be used with an inclined plane. The scales incorporate a unique zero adjustment. The main feature is the clear plastic tube, which allows students to see the action of the spring. These balance are from China.


  • 1N / 100G (2g / 0.02N) – A-BAL1010
  • 5N / 500G (10g / 0.1N) – A-BAL1050
  • 10N / 1000G (20g / 0.2N) – A-BAL1100
  • 20N / 2000G (40g / 0.5N) – A-BAL1200
  • 50N / 5000G (100g / 1N) – A-BAL1500
  • 100N / 10000G (200g / 2N) – A-BAL1900

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